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Trace. I am David Qualls sister. We live in Wimberley. David wanted us to go by your studio and check it out and say Hello. Hope you are doing well. Let me know if you have a studio or a studio where your art is displayed. 
-- Melinda Qualls Scurlock, 5/18/24

Hi Trace ~ In checking out your website, I realized that even though we've been friends for 50 years, I've never signed your guestbook so I get your regular updates. I'm looking forward to getting them. Cheers......Di
-- Diana Hornby, 4/19/24

Trace I'm proud of your amazing career. You might not remember me but I work for Dr.Zimmerman and you shared with us that you were awarded the opportunity to design the Sam Houston Statue! I think about you and have followed you throughout your amazing career. A proud fan and your old dental hygienist
-- Mary Dee Camario , 8/23/23

Good to see you carrying-on well in life. I too have been blessed. Here's some samples
-- Charles Burwell, 6/26/22

How about a blast from the past? We are so in awe how far you have come from our days in singles at Spring Branch Community. We always thought you were so talented! Thanks for staying true to your faith! Michele and Robin
-- Michele Barrett And Robin Maier, 5/21/22

Can't wait to come check out your stunning work!
-- Liz Glover, 10/20/21

Thank you for creating such beautiful sculptures.
-- Debra Webb, 7/31/21

I am in awe of your Mt. Trumpmore. I hope one day soon I will be able to purchase one myself. I live in the Houston Area. It would be a pleasure to visit you one day!
-- Pam Alford, 7/30/21

Thank you patriot! I love your Mt Trumpmore and looking forward to getting one. Please put me on your list of fans!
-- Kathleen Maddox, 7/30/21

This article was such a fantastic read which I will definitely recommend it towards the family members! The last time I have read something as professionally written was with here at hadow/pure-color-envy-singles/. Thank you for the professionalism and an eye for details. Will be pleased to see more of your own writing!
-- Leah, 6/10/21

Love your Mount Trumpmore. Paid for mine tonight on your site via PayPal. Excited for it to come and to be able to give it a nice display in my home.
-- Sam Griffith, 1/31/21

I was having lunch with Charlie H. today and you and your wife came into our conversation. I will give you a call sometime soon. New Braunfels was our favorite destination. Shalom
-- Robert F. Montgomery, 12/9/20

LOVE your Mount Trumpmore! Great concept, great execution.
-- Gadsden Flag, 11/4/20

one day, Sherry & I will be by.
-- Chuck Sheldon, 7/23/20

I have a clay sculpture I believe that you made. It’s a six elephants family walking. Looks a lot like the baby elephant you have now. Light tan in color. Was wondering if you made it and when . I want to insurance it thought you might could give some in sight on it. Beautiful piece of art. Thx. Dennis
-- Dennis M Peterson , 5/4/20

I just purchased a 1990 Trace Guthrie, Beautiful double dolphins splashing up out of the water. I can't find any information on this piece, but I love it and hoping this is a original sculpture of his.
-- Robert Bryant, 2/2/20

So great to see your work still blossoming! Come see us in Santa Fe. Trying to send you a picture.
-- Chris Kelly, 12/23/19

Trace I hope you don't mind... I nominated you for State Artists for 2020. Texas State Legislature’s 2020 appointments to the positions of state artist are managed by the Texas Commission on the Arts. You should have... but you didn't get it. 2021?!
-- J. Bryan Lake Executive Director Emeritus Piney Woods Fine Arts Association , 5/30/19

Tracy, I met another sculptor on a plane flight last night. It made me think of you so I pulled up your website. All I can say is that I'm proud to know ya! You're an extremely talented individual.
-- Bill Layton, 4/25/19

I’m a fan of yours .
-- Arthur Reyes, 10/10/18

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