Equine Stream



Please feel free to look around.  Any questions, simply e-mail me by clicking  "Contact" button on the tool bar.  Most of the sculptures are one of a kind and some are reproductions and editions.  They are all made in the United States & by the artist, himself.

Updates on new sculptures are continuously in the works.  If you would like to join my e-mail list, you may do so by signing the "Guestbook".   Take notice of a gallery of "Works In Progress" which has been recently added.  Come check in whenever you have a chance to see what's new.




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I believe I found one of your clay sculptures - you wouldn't believe where. I love it. 1996 Woman with cat or fox in green coat.
-- Mary Dall , 1/16/23

Trace, you introduced me to sculpting back in 1974 and I shall forever be grateful. You were a terrific teacher and now mentor, and you have a God-given talent. Continue to give your talents to the world. Best wishes for continued success, Diana
-- Diana Hornby, 5/28/22

Trace, I was trying to see if you have a studio my wife and me can visit. We are going to be in New Braunfels this Saturday , and thought you had a location here. Take care, Bud
-- Buddy Goin, 11/22/19

 Trace GuthrieCibolo, TX210-219-3864